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The Miracle of water from Dr. Masaru Emoto, Yokohama Municipal University Japan - 2005. The tasteless water be taken from the spring or lake, then be given stimulus messages, words, music, writing, pictures after the water crystallize due to be frozen ( - 5 degree Celsius ) then the water molecules is taken it’s picture by using special high technology camera, and what happen ? The water which is given good stimulus the molecule water is shaping very nice molecule but the water which is given bad stimulus the molecule water is shaping very bad molecule.

As we know oue body is containing more and less 70 % liquid which is easy to be effected by situation around us. If we too often hear the bad things it will shape the our water molecule water be very bad and if we always try to hear the good things it will shape our water molecule be very good just like be explained by Dr.Masaru Emoto in his experiment.
1400 years ago Muhammad SAW said that :

“Best of the best water in the world is zam zam water , it can satisfy and secure the desease. ” (HR. Thabrani & Ibnu Hibban)

“Zam zam water will follow the object of person who drink it. ”
(HR. Ibnuh Majah & Ahmad)

Research Result

1.Water / liquid can catches the vibration in any language, writing, pictures, and music.
2.Water can understands, save and distributes the information ( All can do that but water the most sensitive, and the quantity is the most and every where ).
3.The vibration of water flows up to the molecule liquid in the human body (75%)
4.The human attitude can be wild, evil, uncontrolled, or opposite depend on the molecule liquid structure in our body & brain.

Attitude To The Water.

1. Treat the water mercifully include in our body.
2. Read “Basmallah” first every will use water.
3. Water with praying can secure body and soul.
4. Liquid in the human brain & body will be acting based on the messages which is accepted.
5. Water in the open nature, plants, and in the animal body will vibrate together by praying.
6. The world will be going better through our good attitude / treatment to the water.

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The human’s brain is divided becoming 2 parts :

1.Conscious Mind ( Left Brain )

Active, thinking, discipline, logic, deductive, rational, it’s the character of male = 12%.

2.Sub-Conscious Mind (Right brain)

Imaginative, Intuitive, Receptive, the most is prediction, feeling, it’s the character of female = 88 %.

“There is no value in the world except the human, and there is no value in the human except the human brain” (Sir William Hamilton).

The Weight of Brain

Weight 1,3 – 1,5 Kg.

100 Milliard Neuron, 1 Neuron can make 20.000 branches.

Neuron Connection = Dendrite / Tentacle

Energy flows between neuron = neuron transmitter

The length of all neuron cells 5X the earth diameter.

Able to distinguish 10 million colors.

Able to inflate 100.000 X / day as much as 25.000 liter through 100.000 km pulses (if all connected)

The brain which often be used will develop, just like sky diving equipment.

Einstein only activated his dendrite less than 10%

The Einsteins brain is the same specification with the common human, the weight, the size, but Einsteins brain had much more the dendrite connection.

The main keys for increasing the The Dendrite Connection are :

1. Positive thinking

2. Positive behavior

3. Positive Activities

4. Doing positive activities happily.

5. Always keep the positive things.

It's really difficult to do the positive thinking, but if we try and try at least we will be better the other person who still more negative thinking.

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Don’t enforce some thing which is not need you enforce, but enforce some thing which is proper you enforce.”

Success is measured from how strong your will to change, how big your dreams, and how to carry out the all disappoints when you fail. Albert Einstein said that : " The parameter of human's intelligence is laid on the how strong their will to change, smarter people have stronger the will". We can enforce our self for gaining the success e.g : reduce watching the TV, reduce improper activities, make the time efficient, always put first thing first, and etc.

Almost all people who have been succeed got failure first, and from the failure the found the way to got the success.

Holy book Al Qur'an already mentioned 1400 years ago in QS. Insyirah 94 : 5-6 :

5. Surely after the difficulties will be coming the easiness.

6. After the difficulties will be coming the easiness.

Unfortunately the people who have well educated and good physic but have invalid mental behavior, it's much better the people who have invalid physically but have amazing mental behavior.The most important things are ; the will, spirit, dream, and the Adversity Quotient. The research have proved that the success people are contributed by 20 % Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) and 80 % Emotional Spiritual Quotient ( ESQ ).

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The religion can be a guidance for digging the knowledge. Islam is getting the success for this. There is no conflict between Al Qur’an, Islam and genetic knowledge & science. Al Qur’an which is come from Allah is very helpful the knowledge invention.

-Prof. Dr. Joe Leigh Simpson The Leader of Obstetrics Faculty, Gynecology, and Prof. Molecular & Human’s Genetic , Baylor College Medicine, Houston, USA

Nabi Muhammad Shalallohu alayhiwasalam as a knowledge book who was came from Allah”. -Prof. Marshall Johnson Prof. Anatomy & Biology Development, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, USA.

Muhammad wasn’t only religion great leader but he’s also the world great leader ” ( Michael Hart )

He’s, Muhammad a prophet the only one human in the world history who can gained the success which is spectacular, from the religion side and also from world side” (Michael Hart )

“Muhammad and the his substitution (kafilah) can unity Arabia which is very difficult be united before. The uniting due to the effects of Islam religion which is the teach than invasion”. (Adam Smith, the father of Economic)

Muhammad’s an important trader and very be respected in Mekkah.” (MarshalG.S Hodgson, expert of world history and review of Islam )

“Muhammad had a good talent and actually made him able to handle the big business operation in Mekkah.( W. Montgomery Watt, professor emeritus the review of Islam and Arab )

AI-Quran is the guidance holy book of the truth, evidences, and the eternal truth for us till the end of the world “.

-Prof. TVN Persaud The expert of : anatomy , health of children, gynecology , obstetrics, and reproduction in Manitoba University, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“Every thing which is written in the Al Qur’an are the truth, and can be proved by using science equipments.”

-Prof. Tejatat Tejasen Anatomy Faculty Leader Thailand University, Chiang Mai

”Modern Scientific method proves what Al Qur’an says and Muhammad said 1400 years ago all are right. Al Qur’an is also simple knowledge book. ”

-Prof. Alfred Kroner the leader of Geology institute Geosciences, Johannes Gutter burg University, Mainz, German.

AI-Quran is the miracle and amazing holy book which describes in the past, present, and the future”.

-Prof. Palmer The Famous Geology Expert , USA

“Surely the scientists just insists what have been written in Al Qur’an. The Scientists just invent what have been written in the Al Qur’an 1400 years ago”.

-Prof. Shroeder The Oceanic Expert from German.

“ By reading the Al Qur’an, I can find the my ways for investigating the universe”.

-Prof. Yoshihidil Kozai the Tokyo University , and The National Astronomical Observatory Director, Mikata, Tokyo, Japan.

The Right Knowledge have to be insisted by the right religion.