Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009


Don’t enforce some thing which is not need you enforce, but enforce some thing which is proper you enforce.”

Success is measured from how strong your will to change, how big your dreams, and how to carry out the all disappoints when you fail. Albert Einstein said that : " The parameter of human's intelligence is laid on the how strong their will to change, smarter people have stronger the will". We can enforce our self for gaining the success e.g : reduce watching the TV, reduce improper activities, make the time efficient, always put first thing first, and etc.

Almost all people who have been succeed got failure first, and from the failure the found the way to got the success.

Holy book Al Qur'an already mentioned 1400 years ago in QS. Insyirah 94 : 5-6 :

5. Surely after the difficulties will be coming the easiness.

6. After the difficulties will be coming the easiness.

Unfortunately the people who have well educated and good physic but have invalid mental behavior, it's much better the people who have invalid physically but have amazing mental behavior.The most important things are ; the will, spirit, dream, and the Adversity Quotient. The research have proved that the success people are contributed by 20 % Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) and 80 % Emotional Spiritual Quotient ( ESQ ).