Sabtu, 03 April 2010


It ‘s very common, when you are asked about success person the parameter is his or her richness/wealth, you never think how they get, how is the family relationship also neighbors, faithful etc.
Success isn’t measured how much / high we’ve gained some thing, but how flexible we survive after failing, almost all success people ever got failed.

In The Competition, Success isn’t measured from how fast we can conquer the rival, but how long we can defend from the rival’s attack while we are moving toward and till the rival have no ability any more to attack us.

Success is measured from how strong you want to change, how big your dreams, and how survive to carry out the all disappoints when you fail.

There is no failure, except we stop trying and we say “I Failed” and do nothing. The Failure is one of foundation to survive to get success. As long as we would to learn, strive, and unyielding, not complaining, ( Complain is one of our weaknesses ) we are in process to gain the success.