Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Adversity Quotient ( AQ )


What does Adversity Quotient mean ?

Adversity Quotient is the ability of some one to face the worst situation and condition and then can survive, even get stress, but he / she can handle and manage the stress wisely and can handle the worst situation.

Not every one has "High Adversity Quotient Level" many people getting stressed seriously when getting the very hard problem in their life and cannot survive ! But the most important thing is some one has High Adversity Quotient Level by using Emotional Spiritual Quotient ( Controlled ).

It should not has High Adversity Quotient Level by not using ESQ e.g.: doing every thing even against the law and religion ( manipulation , corruption ) and it should not MM - Master of Manipulation.

The characteristic of person who has a good Adversity Quotient are :

Honest, discipline, unyielding and has high fighting spirit, good communication, positive thinking, broad minded, unselfish, consideration and courage, see the change as opportunity, sincerely servicing, accepting the critic, high integrity, consistent, patient.

M.Taufik H.