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( Based on my 25 years work experiences in the some companies and 10 years in American Company )

It consists 3 words :





Some one who has authority to lead : a team, people, an organization, department, or a company. Don’t be Leader if you still can’t lead your self !

Leader – Leadership – Lead

Power And Expectation

The main objective the person want to be a leader is for getting the “Power” or “Authority “

After getting the Power the Leader make the strategy to reach the “Expectation” .

The main key the Leader will be a good Leader or be a bad leader is depend on the “Expectation”.


We can predict the Leader will be a good Leader or no from the way they get the Power or Position. Are they getting the position due to their capability or due to the collusion ?

Are they getting the Power really from the voter sincerely or using pressure and manipulated or money to get voting ?

How about the election of province leader that creates the long conflicts ?

How to be “A Good Leader” ?

Combine your : IQ, ESQ and also your Intuition.

And between IQ, ESQ and Intuition must be “Balance”

Self Awareness

Self - Awareness is the” KEY “ to be a Great Leader

The real Leader is someone who always loves and gives attention to other people so that He is loved. Has high competence & high character, strong integrity so that he is trustworthiness.

Always gives concealing to others, and the most important thing is always leads based on “ GOD SPOT “ / INTUITION


If we want significant changes, first we must change our PARADIGMS. A Paradigms Shift is a change in thinking that comes when we gain additional insight and understanding. Effective individuals create opportunities for Paradigms Shift.


The social mirror is a metaphor for the way we see our self because others reflect their perceptions, opinion and paradigms about us through their words and behaviors. From the socials mirror, we form images and judgment of ourselves. The others will treat you depend on you treat them.


The trustworthiness person can exhibit his ability to select the others person to work together, based on: their Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, and Spiritual Quotient, also can see the others person hidden ability and the way to develop.


The Empowerment from the trustworthiness leader to other can create the comfortable work situation due to the trustworthiness leader always select the right man and the right place and also always gives motivation, give concealing if job which is he gave isn’t on target, not easy to be angry, hot heart but cool head, never place his self as big boss.


The trustworthiness Leader always think the organization people first than his self and also always think Win – Win Solution if get big problem in the organization or with other organization.

The trustworthiness Leader always distributes the job clearly, based on the each roles and each capability and also control the progress and motivates them, never blame other before investigate clearly and get the concrete evidences

The trustworthiness Leader always makes decision based on the most people importance, broad minded, positive thinking, give example first before giving command, always gives reward to the person who success reaching the target, even by words.

The Simple Leadership Management :

1.Example by doing, it’s the most effective and cheapest motivation to the team, a

good example by doing which is often shown by the leader will makes the team

respectful to the leader.

2.Often doing “GENZBA” Managing By Walking Around ( MBWA ), before start

working please ask the team about the work problem they have and how to solve

3.Caring By Walk Around ( CBWA ), also often ask to the team about the condition

of their family,the health, the study, this will make them be close and paid attention.

A good Leader Always :

  1. Understand every character of team members.
  2. Understand every capability of team members.
  3. Understand The weakness and development they need.
  4. Understand Their wants and their hopes.
  5. Make reward and punishment.
  6. Have High Competence, Character, and Spiritual.
  7. Proactive, Synergy ability.

8. Put first thing first.

9. Do not like and dislike personally


Self confident in Intuitive Leadership appears due to our High Character, High Competence, and High Spiritual, always has positive thinking, respects the others, and focus on positive things and encourages others for improving positive things. Many people build their self confident by their Position, their Wealth / Fames, and Appearance, these are a big mistake and what else they are doing every thing for gaining.

How do you respect to the others ?

Most of us respect to the others based on the appearance, we often see by our own eyes that some one respects to the other due to the person who is talking to us is very good appearance, driving a good car etc. A good leader never respects to the other based on the out side appearance, he always gives the same respect to every person.

God always see us from inside not from out side, the intuitive leader always has preference to respect the other not from the appearance.

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