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The Habit of Interpersonal Leadership
In relationship and business is largely achieved through the cooperative effort of two or more people, and they have commitment to allow everyone to win.

1. Win-Win
People who change to win and make sure others also win practice win-win. People with a win-win paradigms take time to search for solution that will make them happy and simultaneously satisfy others.
The Characteristic :
+ Seek mutual benefit
+ Is cooperative, not competitive
+ Listens more, stays in communication longer, and communicate with more courage
2. Win-Lose
People with a win-lose mindset are concerned with themselves first & last. They want to win, and they want others to lose. They achieve success at the expense or exclusion of another’s success. They are driven by comparison, competition, position, and power.
The Characteristics :
+ Is very common scripting for most people
+ Is the authoritarian approach
+ Uses position, power, credential, possessions, or personality to get the “ WIN “
3. Lose-Win
People who choose to lose and let others win show high consideration for others, but lack the courage to express and act on their feeling and beliefs. They are easily intimidated and borrow strength from acceptance and popularity.
The Characteristic :
+ Voices no standards, no demand, no expectations, of anyone else.
+ Is quick to please or appease.
+ Buries a lot of feeling.
4. Lose-Lose
People who have a lose-lose paradigms are low on courage and consideration. They envy and criticize others. They put themselves and others down.
The Characteristics :
+ Is the mindset of highly dependent person
+ Is the same as a “No Win” because nobody benefit.
+ Is a long-term results of win-lose, lose-win or win.

5. Win
People who hold a win paradigms think only of getting what they want. Although they don’t necessarily want others to lose, they personally set on winning. They think independently in interdependent situation, without sensitivity or awareness of others.
The Characteristic :
+ Is self-centered.
+ Think “ me first “
+ Doesn’t really care if the others persons wins or lose
6. Win-Win or No Deal
Win-Win or no Deal is the highest form of win-win. People who adopt this paradigms seek first for win-win. If the cannot find an acceptable solution, they agree to disagree agreeably.
The Characteristics :
+ Allows each party to say no.
+ Is the most realistic at the beginning of relationship or business deal.
+ Is the highest form of “ WIN “

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Senin, 15 November 2010


Crisis, it invokes negative emotions, pessimism, fear, confusion, stressed. But the Webster dictionary defines crisis as “ the point or time for deciding, the decisive moment “ The Chinese offer another interpretation. The Chinese word for Crisis comprises of two characters “Wei ( danger ) and Chi ( opportunity )“ Whether one comes out of crisis, stronger of fallen, will depend on we perceive / see the situation and the decision we make. Pro active people always think positively, there for they always think that the change is the opportunity for getting the better result. But for reactive people who often think negatively always think that the change is a threat for them. Always be proactive and positive thinking due to we will always spirited and have high fighting spirit for gaining our dream.

The Reactive persons most of them are spiritless which make them very difficult to gain their dreams. Need to be known that focus on positive thing will generate the positive thing, but if we always focus on the negative thing will generate negative thing also !

M.Taufik Hidayat

Trainer & Motivator

Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010


So many people complain about their destiny which has been decided by Allah, many people say : "My bad luck is decision from Allah". Do you some time complain like that ? and is it right ? The answer is "WRONG"

That is right our destiny has been decided by Allah, but we can change it by working hard and of course by praying routinely also ! So many ayat in Al Qur'an and also explained in Hadits that our destiny has been decided by Allah, but Allah also promise if we hard working and also praying to ask Allah,so our destiny can be changed of course by Allah permitting.

If we want to change we need :

1. Time
2. Struggling
3. Suffering

We can copy and paste from the children who are learning to ride the by cycle, the children need the time to learn, need the struggling and also need suffering, many times the children fall and many times the children hurt, but the children do not give up always try and try and as we know the children success to ride the by cycle!

How about if we copy from the way the children learn to ride the by cycle ? Insyaa Allah we will success, remember to change and success we need : TIME, STRUGGLING, And SUFFERING. Also hard work, consistent, unyielding, and convince that you can do that !

Our mental behavior makes The Paradigm ( The way we think ), our Paradigm makes Actions, our Actions makes Habit, the habit makes the character, the character makes results, and the results makes THE DESTINY.

If we always positive thinking, positive action, positive behavior,positive habit, and positive character insya Allah by adding praying we will have positive energy and also positive Destiny !

Muhammad Taufik Hidayat

Rabu, 14 Juli 2010



Who doesn’t know the Japan Country ? The small country which ever been destroyed by USA by using the atomic bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima ( The effect of radioactive still felt up to now ) and has only area less than Java island.

The Amazing Habit Of Japanese :


The Japanese people use the time effectively, almost people wear the watch where ever they go, walk quickly, on time, there is no rubber time term.


All people in the word know that Japanese are hard worker, average work hour is 2450 h/ year, USA 1957 h, England 1911 h, Germans 1870 h, French 1680 h ) Japanese worker can generate the car in 9 days, in the others country need 47 days.

A Japanese worker can handle the job which usually be done by 5 – 6 persons. Finish work early is a shame thing ( it could be the person who finish work early is bad performance or not needed by company ). There is the term “KAROSHI” it means died due to hard work. They realize by working hardly Japanese can get the significant progress . They always buy their product.

3. SHY.

Harakiri is one of the example of shy culture, the country leader will resign even only be gossiped getting problem with bribe. Many students suicide due to the result of the school test is bad.Shy doing the activities which again the law, even the rule only orally, what else the regulation which written.


As we know all the street in Japanese are very clean and arranged, the side walk seller place their self , they always throw out the garbage in the garbage place and separated the garbage which metal, plastic, paper, glass, etc.


The most Japanese people live efficient, many of them have no car they use the general transportation.
Most of them have no servant in their home and most of them are shopping in 7.30 pm due to the supermarket half hour before closing reduce the price till 50 %. Bike for working or studying is the their habit.


Japanese isn’t the inventor, but they are very famous in innovation from the others country inventor. Akio Morita developed the Sony Walkman from Philip Electronic after be modified by Akio be best seller. ( More than 300 models ) sold more 150 million set. Car ? Almost from USA and Europe after modifying the design is much more interested and the price is cheaper. Matsushita Electric Company was “MANESHITA” ( Plagiator ) and now Taiwan is following Japanese.


Akio Morita was laughed when first time offered the walk man. “Kaizen” continues improvement very has big impact. “Meiji Restoration” was very big step to improve the Japan condition in all side, they eliminate the class system. “Samurai” had powerful even dismissed but the positive character still be used, e.g. honor, polite, personality, courage, honesty, loyal, unyielding. 85% energy source import if Indonesia stop the oil, Japan area will be dark 30 %.


Any where, in densha ( Electric train ), subway, general transportation, waiting room we will always the people are reading even by standing.

Indonesia has already studied all of Japanese habit but in fact in Indonesia still difficult to implement the Japanese culture, especially shy culture, discipline, cleanliness, and reading culture.

Muhammad Taufik Hidayat

Motivator and Trainer

Selasa, 22 Juni 2010


Rhenald Khasali ( Indonesian Management Expert ) said : “ The most of people who failed in the beginning of their business due to they don’t prepare the business plan in detail and completely”. We need the skill, hard skill also soft skill.
Then when they get problem which unpredictable they don’t what should to do to make solution.
We aren’t continuing to move but some times we need the time to evaluate, review and think to the activities which we have done and also to get ideas and explore the our potencies.
As long as we have high spirit, strive, and unyielding will always have the way to gain the success.

There are two main of Skill :
The capability of person technically in the work and visually we can watch the capability.
The Behavior (ESQ) of personal and interpersonal that develop and maximize the human performance ( e.g.; Coaching, team building, initiative, decision making, etc. )
Soft skill doesn’t include the technical skill such as; financial, computing, and assembly skill ( Berthal )
1. Communication Skill.
2. Organization Skill ( POAC ).
3. Leadership.
4. Logic.
5. Effort.
6. Ethics.
7. Group Skill. ( Work Team )Justify Full

LIFE SKILL is : The abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demand and challenges of every day life ( WHO )
LIFE SKILL is : A Behavior change or behavior development approach designed to address a balance of three areas ; knowledge, attitude, and skills ( UNICEF ).
LIFE SKILL is : The ability to cope with stressed and challenges of daily life, especially skill in communication and literacy, decision making, occupational requirement, problem solving, time management, and planning.

Muhammad Taufik Hidayat

Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Adversity Quotient ( AQ )


What does Adversity Quotient mean ?

Adversity Quotient is the ability of some one to face the worst situation and condition and then can survive, even get stress, but he / she can handle and manage the stress wisely and can handle the worst situation.

Not every one has "High Adversity Quotient Level" many people getting stressed seriously when getting the very hard problem in their life and cannot survive ! But the most important thing is some one has High Adversity Quotient Level by using Emotional Spiritual Quotient ( Controlled ).

It should not has High Adversity Quotient Level by not using ESQ e.g.: doing every thing even against the law and religion ( manipulation , corruption ) and it should not MM - Master of Manipulation.

The characteristic of person who has a good Adversity Quotient are :

Honest, discipline, unyielding and has high fighting spirit, good communication, positive thinking, broad minded, unselfish, consideration and courage, see the change as opportunity, sincerely servicing, accepting the critic, high integrity, consistent, patient.

M.Taufik H.

Sabtu, 03 April 2010


It ‘s very common, when you are asked about success person the parameter is his or her richness/wealth, you never think how they get, how is the family relationship also neighbors, faithful etc.
Success isn’t measured how much / high we’ve gained some thing, but how flexible we survive after failing, almost all success people ever got failed.

In The Competition, Success isn’t measured from how fast we can conquer the rival, but how long we can defend from the rival’s attack while we are moving toward and till the rival have no ability any more to attack us.

Success is measured from how strong you want to change, how big your dreams, and how survive to carry out the all disappoints when you fail.

There is no failure, except we stop trying and we say “I Failed” and do nothing. The Failure is one of foundation to survive to get success. As long as we would to learn, strive, and unyielding, not complaining, ( Complain is one of our weaknesses ) we are in process to gain the success.

Senin, 04 Januari 2010



“The people who always try to be better, even failed but always try, can manage the personal assets, and useful for the others”.

Albert Einstein :

” The Human Intellectual Parameter is laid on their strong will to change “.

It’s unreasonable want to gain the best result, but still doing the same things.


The people who afraid to start a business, due to always think the failures, negative thinking & have friends who never give the solution.


When you stop trying due to failures and

be traumatic then do nothing and block the others to gain the success


The person who never be a loser and also never be a winner but become a quitter he / she is an idiot person


1. Proactive

2. Blame self if fail

3. Self confident

4. Truth worthiness

5. Not shy to ask

6. See the light in the dark

7. See change as opportunity

8. Always try even fail

9. Has priority

10. Positive thinking

11. Look for the opportunity

12. Service sincerely

13. Like challenging

14. Look for solution


1. Reactive

2. Blame the other

3. Less Self Confident

4. Unbelievable

5. Shy to ask

6. See the dark on the bright

7. See change as threat

8. Always think the failures

9. Has no clear priority

10. Negative thinking

11. Waiting the opportunity

12. Service insincerely

13. Dislike challenging

14. Look for the reasons

The people who afraid to start a business, due to always think the failures, negative thinking & have friends who never give the solution.