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The attacks of 9/11 COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED without the willful failure of the American defense system. In Washington, Air Force pilots demanded to fly but were ordered to stand down. Yet instead of prosecuting the president and military leaders for this unprecedented dereliction of duty, military leaders were promoted and the president was praised for presiding over a defense system that suspiciously failed the most crucial test in its history. None of the deaths would have happened without the deliberate unplugging of America's air defenses.

Planes that lose contact with control towers are usually intercepted by fighter jets inside of ten minutes, as the incident with the golfer's plane a few months earlier so clearly demonstrated. Yet on 9/11, the jetliners that struck New York were allowed to proceed unmolested for more than a half-hour, and the plane that supposedly crashed in Washington was not intercepted for more than an hour and forty minutes after it was widely known that four planes had been hijacked.

        The real dirty conspiracy, and the dirty conspiracy often done by USA by using the Media Power.

The twin towers could not have collapsed as a result of burning jet fuel. Most of that fuel was consumed on impact. In the south tower, most of the fuel was spilled outside the building. Heat caused by burning jet fuel does not reach temperatures needed to melt steel. What does stand out as particularly suspicious and still unexplained is that fires raged out of control beneath THREE of the collapsed towers for ONE HUNDRED DAYS, clearly indicating the presence of some kind of substance utilized in the demolition of the structures.
The Twin Towers did not fall because of plane impacts or fires. Most likely explosives were placed on structural supports in the towers (as was done in Oklahoma City), and these controlled implosions snuffed out the lives of three thousand people.

FBI Director Robert Mueller insisted officials had no idea this kind of attack could happen when in fact the FBI had been investigating the possibility of EXACTLY this kind of attack for almost TEN YEARS. Numerous previous attempts at using planes as weapons, intimate knowledge of terror plans called Project Bojinka, and knowledge of suspicious characters attending flight schools who were being monitored by the FBI make his utterance a clear lie on its face.

The Patriot Act was presented in the days after the tragedy supposedly as a response to it, yet it was clear that this heinous act, drafted to nullify provisions for freedom in the U.S. Constitution, was put together long before 9/11. In addition, testimony by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) revealed that most members of Congress were compelled to vote for the bill without even reading it. This was a vote to eliminate the Constitutional Bill of Rights, which has defined American freedom for 200 years, and it was accomplished when legislators voted for the bill without even reading it.

The invasion of Afghanistan was presented as an attempt to pursue the alleged perpetrators of 9/11, yet it had been discussed for years prior to the tragedy and actually planned in the months before the attacks on New York and Washington. Statements by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Republican-written Project for a New American Century have stressed that America needed a formidable enemy to accomplish its aggressive geopolitical aims. The supposed enemy we attacked in Afghanistan was a diverse group of men from all over the world who were initially recruited, encouraged and supported by the American CIA.

The hole in the Pentagon was not made by a jumbo jet. Damage to the building was simply not consistent with the size of the hole nor the absence of debris. At the supposed point of impact, a whole bank of windows remained unbroken and there were no marks on the lawn. No airplane debris (except what was planted on the lawn) nor remains of passengers were ever found.

On September 11th, Towers One and Two collapsed after suffering direct hits by airliners. Building 7 was neither hit by an airliner nor damaged severely by flying debris, but at 5:20 p.m. it collapsed in the exact same accordion style of the other two towers. The official explanation by FEMA investigators claimed that WTC 7 fell as a result of burning for 7 hours.

Several weeks after the events of 9/11, Larry Silverstein, the new owner of the WTC was interviewed on TV. At this time he openly acknowledged the decision to pull Building 7. This was a public statement in which the owner of the WTC agreed to the destruction of the building.

                       One of The real evidence that WTC was destroyed by inside person.

This decision was never explained and was never questioned by the Kean Commission. The conflicting report of the FEMA investigators was also never explained. Pulling a building requires weeks, if not months of preparation. Explosives have to be carefully and strategically placed and wired. How was it possible to pull a building without first preparing for its demolition?

Larry Silverstein invested $386 million in WTC 7. On 9/11, by his own admission [ ], Larry Silverstein ordered the demolition of his building. In February of 2002, his company won a settlement of $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers. Do the math. No one investigated. This is a confession to the demolition of Building 7. Let me repeat that, THIS IS A CONFESSION! Checkmate.

Until these questions are answered there is no need to establish more doubt. What we have here is solid undisputed evidence that we were never told the truth. We have solid evidence that the official investigation stopped short of delving into questions that could have supplied answers. We have solid proof that something is very, very wrong.

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Jumat, 23 September 2011



1. Negative Thinking.

Negative thinking is poison in our brain if we always negative thinking just like put the time bomb in our brain. When we are thinking negatively our liquid molecule in our body and in our brain has bad shape. This is already proved by Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan in his research and also presented in front of countries representative all the world in UNO. Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote the book by title “ The Hidden Messages In Water” it explains about all water in the world include in our body and in our brain will respond to the voice, picture, writing, that we can hear and see. Try always to think positively when ever, where ever, what ever the condition.

Positive thinking will make the liquid molecule in our body and in the brain be nice shape and also makes the dendrite going better and add more. Dendrite is the very smooth connection between left brain and right brain, more dendrite is smarter and more spirit . But apposite if we are thinking negatively our molecule liquid will have very bad shape and make the dendrite is worse and will make our brain going worse and worse. ( See detail in Science Spirituality & Qur’an /SSQ written by M.Taufik Hidayat, published by Quantum Synergy Media – Yogyakarta, 2011 ) .

2. Alcohol and Drug Consumption.

The habit of drinking alcohol and also drug consumption medically is very danger for our health and also our brain. Almost every person knows about the hazardous of Alcohol and drug consumption for our health, so avoid the alcohol and drug consumption due to alcohol and drug consumption will damage the nerves in our brain and make the brain capability is worse and worse.

3. Not Eating In The Morning ( Break Fast )

Many of us think that break fast is not important, medically if we do not eat regularly in the morning after sleeping 5 – 8 hours will make the glucose in the blood going down and it will make less supply the nutrition to the brain. If this habit ( do not break fast ) is done long time it will be making the brain doesn’t work goodly and maximal and makes the brain is going worse and worse due to less nutrition supply to the brain. So think twice if you have habit do not like eat in the morning.

4. Too Much Eating.

Too much eating will harden the brain capillary and it will make the capability of brain is going down. If too much eating only temporary it’s acceptable but if it happen every day it endangers the capability of our brain.

5. Smoking.

Medically all people know that smoking is endangering the health. This habit is very difficult to stop, even the paramedics who know exactly the hazardous of smoking in fact the paramedic suggest to the other for not smoking but their self can’t stop smoking. Smoking has horrible side effect to the our health, especially to the lungs and our brain. Our brain can shrink and then lost the functions of the brain and we have high risk in our old time because will get Alzheimer. The most danger is the passive smokers due to the passive smokers will inhale the cigarette smoke from the active smokers.

6. Too Much Eat Sugar.

Too much eating sugar medically will block the nutrition absorbment so that our body is less nutrition supply and automatically the brain also less nutrition supply and it will make the brain capability is going down.

7. Air Pollution.

As we know our brain need nutrition and Oxygen ( O2 ) and the brain is the part in our body which need the most supply of Oxygen. Too long in the Air Pollution Environment will make the brain capability is going down due to the Oxygen which we inhale is bad condition.

8. Less Sleeping.

Sleeping is giving the brain to take a rest and will make the brain re-fresh. If we less sleeping, it will make the brain cells is exhausted and will damage. Do not go to bed in the mid night if have no important activities go to bed as soon as possible to make our brain take a rest properly.

9. Covering The Head When Sleeping.

When we are sleeping and then covering our head totally it endanger our health and our brain. Sleeping while covering our head make the Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 ) as result when we are exhaling after inhaling the O2 ( Oxygen ) will stay and mixed with O2 that will we inhale. It almost the same with the Air Pollution.

10. Thinking Hardly When We Are Sick.

Working and studying hardly when we are getting sick make going worse and worse our brain. When we are getting sick the capability of body parts is working not maximal if we are enforcing to work and think hardly it will damage our brain slowly but sure.

11. Less Thinking ( Seldom Use The Brain To Think )

Thinking is the best way to practice our brain for working goodly. Playing the chess, puzzle, debate, discussion, reading, talking, writing, are the way we practice our brain. Every positive activity that use the brain will make the Dendrite in our brain going better. ( Dendrite is smooth connection between Left Brain and Right Brain, more is better )

12. Seldom To Talk.

Talking is one of the way we practice our brain be better, talking, discussing, debating, singing, etc positively. Seldom to talk make our brain less developing goodly. Try hardly to talk as much as possible positively. Actually we can practice from small meeting with friends and then developed talking in front of many people ( speech ).

Sabtu, 23 April 2011


SMA Negeri 1 Muntilan

SMA 10 Yogyakarta

Sharing Knowledge in front of 700 students

Sharing Knowledge in The Company in Solo


Sharing The Knowledge in West Bangka


Prepare for giving the training.

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011


As we know so many Training activities are offered but unfortunately most of them just focusing on the maximizing of our Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ), if we realize that actually we are putting " The Time Bomb" due to Maximizing The Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) without be balanced by The Emotional and Spiritual Quotient is very danger !

Intelligence Quotient / Knowledge without religion is BLIND, and Religion without Knowledge is LAME . All the corruptors in Indonesia are smart people and have good Intelligence Quotient but less getting spiritual side. But after so many research have been done for proving the relation between Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) and Spiritual Quotient ( SQ ) in fact it shows that Intelligence Quotient only give contribution about 20 % to the person who get success professionally and 80 % from Emotional Spiritual Quotient.

The people who has success professionally has character :

1. Honest
2. Discipline
3. Broad Minded
4. Accepting the critic
5. Give example by doing
6. Never give up
7. Positive thinking
8. Pro active
9. Like challenge
10.Hard worker
13.Give support to the team
15.Self awareness
16.Think first for the team
17.Give the opportunity to the others.

By combining the training between IQ development and also ESQ or Character building in the same time will have big impact to the participant if compared by separated training between IQ development and Character building or Emotional Spiritual Quotient Training.

It's right that ESQ training for Character Building much more difficult than Maximizing the Intelligence Quotient, due to knowing the people character need long time and also to build the character needed longer time than maximize the Intelligence Quotient.

M. Taufik Hidayat

Motivator & Trainer