Rabu, 19 Januari 2011


As we know so many Training activities are offered but unfortunately most of them just focusing on the maximizing of our Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ), if we realize that actually we are putting " The Time Bomb" due to Maximizing The Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) without be balanced by The Emotional and Spiritual Quotient is very danger !

Intelligence Quotient / Knowledge without religion is BLIND, and Religion without Knowledge is LAME . All the corruptors in Indonesia are smart people and have good Intelligence Quotient but less getting spiritual side. But after so many research have been done for proving the relation between Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) and Spiritual Quotient ( SQ ) in fact it shows that Intelligence Quotient only give contribution about 20 % to the person who get success professionally and 80 % from Emotional Spiritual Quotient.

The people who has success professionally has character :

1. Honest
2. Discipline
3. Broad Minded
4. Accepting the critic
5. Give example by doing
6. Never give up
7. Positive thinking
8. Pro active
9. Like challenge
10.Hard worker
13.Give support to the team
15.Self awareness
16.Think first for the team
17.Give the opportunity to the others.

By combining the training between IQ development and also ESQ or Character building in the same time will have big impact to the participant if compared by separated training between IQ development and Character building or Emotional Spiritual Quotient Training.

It's right that ESQ training for Character Building much more difficult than Maximizing the Intelligence Quotient, due to knowing the people character need long time and also to build the character needed longer time than maximize the Intelligence Quotient.

M. Taufik Hidayat

Motivator & Trainer