Selasa, 29 September 2009


The religion can be a guidance for digging the knowledge. Islam is getting the success for this. There is no conflict between Al Qur’an, Islam and genetic knowledge & science. Al Qur’an which is come from Allah is very helpful the knowledge invention.

-Prof. Dr. Joe Leigh Simpson The Leader of Obstetrics Faculty, Gynecology, and Prof. Molecular & Human’s Genetic , Baylor College Medicine, Houston, USA

Nabi Muhammad Shalallohu alayhiwasalam as a knowledge book who was came from Allah”. -Prof. Marshall Johnson Prof. Anatomy & Biology Development, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, USA.

Muhammad wasn’t only religion great leader but he’s also the world great leader ” ( Michael Hart )

He’s, Muhammad a prophet the only one human in the world history who can gained the success which is spectacular, from the religion side and also from world side” (Michael Hart )

“Muhammad and the his substitution (kafilah) can unity Arabia which is very difficult be united before. The uniting due to the effects of Islam religion which is the teach than invasion”. (Adam Smith, the father of Economic)

Muhammad’s an important trader and very be respected in Mekkah.” (MarshalG.S Hodgson, expert of world history and review of Islam )

“Muhammad had a good talent and actually made him able to handle the big business operation in Mekkah.( W. Montgomery Watt, professor emeritus the review of Islam and Arab )

AI-Quran is the guidance holy book of the truth, evidences, and the eternal truth for us till the end of the world “.

-Prof. TVN Persaud The expert of : anatomy , health of children, gynecology , obstetrics, and reproduction in Manitoba University, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“Every thing which is written in the Al Qur’an are the truth, and can be proved by using science equipments.”

-Prof. Tejatat Tejasen Anatomy Faculty Leader Thailand University, Chiang Mai

”Modern Scientific method proves what Al Qur’an says and Muhammad said 1400 years ago all are right. Al Qur’an is also simple knowledge book. ”

-Prof. Alfred Kroner the leader of Geology institute Geosciences, Johannes Gutter burg University, Mainz, German.

AI-Quran is the miracle and amazing holy book which describes in the past, present, and the future”.

-Prof. Palmer The Famous Geology Expert , USA

“Surely the scientists just insists what have been written in Al Qur’an. The Scientists just invent what have been written in the Al Qur’an 1400 years ago”.

-Prof. Shroeder The Oceanic Expert from German.

“ By reading the Al Qur’an, I can find the my ways for investigating the universe”.

-Prof. Yoshihidil Kozai the Tokyo University , and The National Astronomical Observatory Director, Mikata, Tokyo, Japan.

The Right Knowledge have to be insisted by the right religion.

Rabu, 16 September 2009

There Are 4 Categories Quadrant For Managing The Time :

1. Urgent And Important

The activities must be done due to urgent and Important is unpredictable moment such as ; getting sic, getting accident, our family passes away, and the others activities which is unpredictable happen. The 1st Quadrant it should be less than 20 % from total our activities too many activities in this 1st Quadrant we have hard problem with the "Stress Management"

2. Not Urgent But Important

All our activities which is very important but predictable all can be planned in detail before the Dead Line, if we the good habit, routine schedule, good planning, all of our important activities can be prepared. If we prepare in the last minutes it means have been changed from Not Urgent But Important to " Urgent And Important "
The activities in the 2nd Quadrant it should be more than 60 % from total our activities.

3. Urgent But Not Important.

In the 3rd Quadrant it's much easier to manage them such as ; routine phone call, general e-mail, some popular activities, ordinary sms from friends, etc.

4. Not Urgent Not Important.

In the 4th Quadrant all are activities which are can be left or can be minimized as little as possible such as : watching TV, chatting internet, chat chit, etc.

Basically we should focus on the Quadrant 1 and on the Quadrant 2 which have been spent our activities time about 80 % and the balance is 20 % for the activities in Quadrant 1 and 2. If we can manage our time effectively will be making our mind will be fresh and working maximally.
Too may you spend in the Quadrant 3 and in the Quadrant 4 it's impossible you will be gaining your target and gaining your success.

Selasa, 15 September 2009


The unforgettable memory was happening when my family, my friend ( Australian ) and me were going to Borobudur Temple and Bebeng ( east side under mount Merapi ) . First we went to Borobudur Temple and in Borobudur my Australian friend ( his name is Joe ) was very famous person due to where ever he went so many people followed him, the people who followed Joe just wanted to practicing their English language and most of them were still very young ( teenager ).

Joe was looked not happy with the situation due to the people were surrounded him where ever he walked, I was smiling he was just like movie star with his fans and when I told him what was in my opinion he was laughing widely. About 3 hours we spent the time in Borobudur then we moved to Bebeng. Bebeng is the beautiful valley which is laid in the east side of mount Merapi which is very famous.

In Bebeng the unforgettable moment happened after walking around then we ate the snack which was brought from our home, I really wondered when my friend Joe ate the oven nut then the nut shell entered into his pocked all of the shell nut even the oven nut packaging also was entered into his packed then what happened ?

A few later after he found the garbage place he took out all shell nut and oven nut packaging then put into the garbage place, I was really feeling shame by this moment, the foreigner was very care with the environment cleanliness meanwhile our people ( Indonesians ) innocently just threw out any where the garbage without care the environment cleanliness. Is this one of the significant different of Indonesians between foreigners ? Discipline ?

The Foreigner care with the environment cleanliness of our country but the real Indonesian people do not care about it, this was a little example the different between Indonesian people with foreigner.

Minggu, 13 September 2009


Some death case : People died due to in “PEAK ANGER” Condition
Leukemia suffer can be health again due to surrender to Allah
Dr. Norris can secure his patient who had Brain cancer by showing to Garrett Porter ( Brain cancer suffer 9 years ) Star Trek Film ( Garret’s favorite film )
When Einstein was child, he was called stupid & was dropped out from his school , when he was teenager worked as low employee in Swiss. But then he realized that he had potency after getting insulting and harassment, he survived and proved to the world if he had many potency inside his self. In his age 26 years he found the formula E=mc2 and it's very famous have been using by many people up to know.
Chemistry Reaction in our brain has big impact to our body & soul
The result of research in USA
the blood of stress person which is injected to the rabbit, just in 3 minutes the rabbit dead, and then the blood of normal person which is injected to the rabbit made the rabbit dead in 30 minutes.

Generally the condition of our "State of Mind" has significant impact to the our activities and our work performance. We can maximize our potency if our State of Mind in stable and good condition, but if we haven't stable and good condition in our State of Mind it is impossible we can maximize our potency and our performance.

Sabtu, 12 September 2009


“Many of us know we are unhappy we just don’t know what to do next” Elizabeth Wilson (mail on Sunday March 2007)

“You have the power to change anything, because you are the one who chooses your thoughts and you are the one who feels your feelings!!!”

NLP system has been proven and successful implemented as techniques for improving the Human Resource and increasing the human potencies and also Inspired Living is helping people to dramatically improve their Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness and ultimately realize their Dreams.

Energy Psychology Tool – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) this technique is transforming lives in ways never dreamed possible, and often works where nothing else will.

NLP is the practice of understanding how people organize their thinking, feeling, language and behavior to produce the results they do.

A key element of NLP is that we form our unique internal mental maps of the world as a product of the way we filter and perceive information absorbed through our five senses from the world around us.


The individual interpretation of information which come from the five senses .


Brain / Mind’s processing after getting the information from the five senses.


The behavior response that occurs as a result of neurological filtering processes and the subsequent linguistic map.


Every person understand the experiences through the “Five Senses “ in the terminology NLP is called VAKOG :






The most : Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. The choice also depend on the profession e.g. a musician prefer uses Auditory.

Want to motivate your team ?

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As we know almost all people like hearing the music and some of people also like playing the music.

Music can reduce our stress significantly what else if we play the music by our self.

Every person has stress and it's normal, but if we can't manage the our stress it's danger for our life.

Jumat, 11 September 2009


By realizing our potency, then dig it up and maximizing the potency which we have so we will watch our self as " A Tiger "

Unyielding, positive thinking, honest to self awareness ( realize the weaknesses then improve ) honest to acknowledge the other people success it can give us the high spirit to gain our success professionally.


More Dendrite Connection the people will be smarter. Albert Einstein was the inventor of E=MC2, when he was in high school he was stupid person and very often got insult, harassment, etc. Then he changed his paradigm ; liked reading, writing, and studying.

And now we know him as top ten in "The 100 People Who Has Big Impact To The World History" in the tenth position. Research result that the Albert Einstein's Brain was same with the other person, it weight about 1,3 kg.

The most significant different was "The Dendrite Connection"
The Dendrite Connection of Albert Einstein Brain was much more than the other ordinary people.
How to make the dendrite connection in our brain going more ?
1. Positive Thinking
2. Always use the brain to think.
3. Work or study happily
4. Doing sincerely.

More dendrite connection we will be better and smarter !