Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010


So many people complain about their destiny which has been decided by Allah, many people say : "My bad luck is decision from Allah". Do you some time complain like that ? and is it right ? The answer is "WRONG"

That is right our destiny has been decided by Allah, but we can change it by working hard and of course by praying routinely also ! So many ayat in Al Qur'an and also explained in Hadits that our destiny has been decided by Allah, but Allah also promise if we hard working and also praying to ask Allah,so our destiny can be changed of course by Allah permitting.

If we want to change we need :

1. Time
2. Struggling
3. Suffering

We can copy and paste from the children who are learning to ride the by cycle, the children need the time to learn, need the struggling and also need suffering, many times the children fall and many times the children hurt, but the children do not give up always try and try and as we know the children success to ride the by cycle!

How about if we copy from the way the children learn to ride the by cycle ? Insyaa Allah we will success, remember to change and success we need : TIME, STRUGGLING, And SUFFERING. Also hard work, consistent, unyielding, and convince that you can do that !

Our mental behavior makes The Paradigm ( The way we think ), our Paradigm makes Actions, our Actions makes Habit, the habit makes the character, the character makes results, and the results makes THE DESTINY.

If we always positive thinking, positive action, positive behavior,positive habit, and positive character insya Allah by adding praying we will have positive energy and also positive Destiny !

Muhammad Taufik Hidayat